Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mr. Subs: "Noooo, Thank Youuuuu!"

When I first drove past this place, I thought "Mr. Subs" and "Burgers" were two separate places. "Haha! I've never seen a burger joint called 'Burgers.' That's kinda cool." Mr. Sub's Burgers has a hilarious atmosphere thanks to the owner whom I like to call "Mr. Thank You" (those who have been there understand why).

The Capital City Deluxe was my burger of choice. Of course, after placing my order I politely said "thank you." Then "Mr. Thank You" stopped what he was doing, gazed at me with his big eyes and responded enthusiastically, "Nooooo! Thank youuuuuuu!!" I couldn't help but laugh! He seemed happy to say it!

I ate my Capital City Deluxe (mushrooms, grilled onions) and fries which were not only delicious but with the joy in my heart created by the warmth of "Mr. Thank You" made the food taste better!

If you try to get into a "thank you" match with "Mr. Thank You" you WILL lose everytime! He always gets the last thank you.

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