Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nation's Giant Hamburgers

Seriously, I've waited about ten years for Nation's to make their way from the Bay Area to Sacramento and I must say that I'm bursting at the seams with excitement. Having the Nation's experience at home is nostalgic for me. As a young man, visiting family in the Bay Area allowed us to partake in the rare pleasure of dining at one of the best burger joints in Northern California.

Biting into the burger was just as fantastic as I remember it! Thick slices of bacon perfectly complemented the extraordinary amount of tomato, lettuce, cheese, and Miracle Whip (not mayonnaise). This was a giant burger with giant taste!

I love that Nations serves pie and breakfast. One day I'm going overboard and ordering pancakes and a burger! I know I have said that I have already had the best burger in my life but Nation's embodies everything I love about food. It's the total package!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Mini Burger Truck

As a general rule, I don't eat food that comes off of a vehicle. But there seems to be this gourmet food truck revolution going around and I want to get on the bandwagon. Then I heard there was a food truck that serves burgers. It's no secret that I love burgers so I was overcome with excitement when I received this news!

After obsessing over it for a number of weeks, I finally decided to feed my burger beast. The Mini Burger Truck did NOT disappoint! 

Allow me to explain: you get the choice of having two or three of your typical slider mini burgers. Of those two or three, you have the choice of five kinds of burgers which includes the monthly seasonal burger (think soup of the day). The money from seasonal burger purchases is donated to a different charity monthly. Sides include fries, chips, and sweet potato TOTS (get these)!

I ordered a three pack with sweet potato tots. Of the three burgers i chose "The Cowboy" (pepperjack, bacon, bbq sauce), "The OG" (an In-N-Out type) and "Da Philly" (mushrooms, provolone, grilled onions). Wow! The burgers were cooked to perfection! Size really doesn't matter! I was amazed at the quality of the food. The Mini Burger Truck has many great days ahead. Keep up with their daily locations by following them on Twitter!