Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Squeeze Inn!

After much anticipation built up by my co-workers Chris Burrous and Scott Zetner, I finally had to make a visit to The Squeeze Inn. Critically accliamed by Food Network's own Guy Feiri (there are pictures of him and 'Sac's best' magazine covers all over the restaurant).

I've already been there twice and I must say, this place is wonderful. It's a little ol' orange building on Fruitridge Avenue and Power Inn Road. Inside, is one row of bar/diner type seating. Outback, there are tables for anyone who cannot fit inside or take their food to-go. A weekend customer should definitely count on wating in a line that stretches in front of the building.

The most popular item on the menu is the Squeeze Burger with cheese. It's almost a normal burger except for the cheese. It is prepared with shredded cheese. The cheese is added on the burger as it cooks on the grill so it melts and surrounds the whole burger as if the burger wore a cheese dress. A customer could even add other toppings such as (but not limited to) bacon, mushrooms, or jalepenos. The Squeeze Inn also offers tacos (delicious) and assorted sandwiches.

After visiting the Squeeze Inn the second time I met Mark. He puts the burgers on the grill. I had to confess my love for him after eating my Squeeze with Cheese (yes, you will fall in love with him after a taste).

Not only does the Squeeze Inn get a "MMM, this IS a tasty burger!", but it also gets a "oh... this is what CRACK must feel like!!!" A rating that is not easy to recive in my book.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Burger Generosity

One day, I came into work at Best Buy. A little hungry, I downed a lot of water hoping it would fill me until I took my lunch break. As I walked to the Home Theater Department, my friend and co-worker David says to me, "hey Julian, I brought some burgers from The Habit for you guys." I stopped what I was doing and stared at David.


"Yeah, bro. Is there a problem?"

There was a problem, because I almost shedded a tear. I ran to him and gave him a big man hug (nothin wrong with guy love).

Now The Habit has a really good burger. The char-grill all of their patties and they have 4 different burgers: The Char-burger, The Double Char-Burger, The Teriyaki Char-Burger, and the BBQ Bacon Char-Burger. They all have the option of adding cheese, bacon, or avocado. I've tried all except the BBQ bacon. Oh, the milk shakes?!? Incredible! They also offer sandwiches and salads. The Habit has made things worse for me. Now I'll really have to practice self-control!

So if you know a friend who is feeling down, give them a burger. It'll be sure to brighten their day!

"MMM! This IS a tasty burger!"