Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bernie's Wimpy Burger!!!

Alright friends, I made it to the International Deli with Andrew and Thad. The restaurant seemed more like my grandpa's kitchen. Old navy pictures on the walls, a big old Hitachi tv playing The History Channel. It was a "manly" establishment.

I was greeted by a former Navy diver named Bernie. He was quite beasty. First thing Andrew says, "get the Deluxe Wimpy Burger with cheese!" How perfect is that??? A burger named after me!!! Of course the name "Wimpy" as quite a reputation, but I digress.

Bernie delivered my Deluxe Wimpy con queso and a plate full of fries. Needless to say I was foaming at the mouth. It was a basic burger: beef patty, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and onions. But there is a bonus. The burger was like eight to ten inches long and it tasted great! The Wimpy was better than fast food and can rival chain restaurants.

After Andrew, Thad, and I inhaled our food, we joked about how some food just isn't good without the grease!

"MMM, this IS a tasty burger!" -Jules Winfield (Pulp Fiction)

Monday, March 30, 2009


First I'll thank Tracy-Girl for encouraging me to begin this blog. The "beta" is on Facebook.

So my purpose here is to tell you about my burger encounters good and bad, my favorite restaurants, why, and things related to burgers.

The burger pictured is from Red Robin. My favorite burger joint. It's called the Royal Red Robin Burger. It has bacon and a fried egg and I add guacamole, crispy onion strings, and provolone cheese. "MMMM! This IS a tasty burger!!"

Tomorrow, my buddies Thad and Andrew are gonna hit up this burger joint in Orangevale (Sac county?). Andrew says its really good. The place is called The International Deli. I'll have more on that soon!