Monday, April 4, 2011

Gatsby's Diner

What used to be a Japanese restaurant is now a swingin' 30s themed diner. Gatsby's has great food, great service, and great people.

The atmosphere was nostalgic for me for two reasons: all my memories of coming here as a kid when it was a sushi joint were flooding in and the background quietly echoed the sultry sounds of Ella Fitzgerald.

I was greeted with smiles as soon as I stepped foot in the building and was promptly seated. All the burgers are 8 ounces, which is moderately large for meat. It was right up my alley. I kept my order simple and ordered the Gatsby Burger (with bacon). I also ordered the tasty homemade kettle potato chips as an appetizer. My burger was hot, all the ingredients were fresh, and the strawberry shake was amazing!

Did I mention that Gatsby's used to be a Japanese restaurant? I did? Well I failed to mention that Gatsby's STILL uses the old Benihana grills in the middle of the dining room! I loved seeing the chefs at work!

"MMM! This IS a tasty burger!"

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