Friday, July 22, 2011

Dad's Kitchen

One of the first things you see when you walk into Dad's Kitchen is "Welcome Home." Although I understand the premise behind a restaurant using this phrase, it doesn't really feel like home. But it's definitely a place I'd visit... A LOT!

"Dad's" is a small, down-home kind of place. Very casual. I had my meal outside in their patio, which is beautiful on a sunny spring or summer day! The service is great. Non-chain restaurants seem to care more. It is extremely refreshing.

Take a look at what "Dad's" has to offer. Of course I came for a burger but they also have soups, sandwiches, etc. The Dad's Burger had a little Food Network stamp next to it so it caught my attention from the get-go. The Five Dot Ranch beef is crusted with bacon and bleu cheese! WOW! How innovative and impressive! The cheese and bacon enhance the already high quality of the meat. Admittantly I underestimated the burger. But that begat such a positive reaction. I was thoroughly pleased.

"MMM! This IS a tasty burger!"