Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Golden Bear

The Golden Bear sits in Sacramento's Midtown area on K & 23rd Streets next to another town staple The Desert Diner. I came here on a recommendation from a young (prety) lady I work with. Obviously, I love burgers. This place only has ONE which makes my choice easy!!

The Juicy Lucy Burger is a Sacramento original. A member of the staff told me it's a family recipe from Minnesota. It is stuffed with jack cheese, topped with (my favorite) bacon and avocado! The bun was really toasted but I think that enhanced the flavor of the burger. The burnt bun taste seemed to mix well with the bacon and beef (perhaps it was an accident). At any rate, the burger was DELICIOUS!

I was bummed because instead of french fries, they gave a choice between a garden salad and potato salad (meh). I chose the potato salad because I wanted some potato with the burger. It was actually pretty good. Not creamy like grocery store potato salad.

The restaurant is very small. Three tables seating 6, the bar, and outdoor seating but it's pretty nice. I'd come back for lunch but it seems like it would be way too crowded at night.

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