Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Restaurant Thir13en

Another lovely Sacramento Downtown restaurant, Restaurant Thir13en is housed within The Sterling Hotel. This restaurant is under ownership of those who also manage the outstanding Tuli Bistro so naturally I would have to stifle my excitement. Needless to say, expectations were high.

It was a beautiful day so my family and I ate outside. The ambiance was wonderful. We were served water with cucumber. It is extremely refreshing!

Obviously, their Capitol Burger was in my crosshairs. I was curious about the taste of Misami Ranch beef (chuck) which was the meat used in the burger. The time it took for our orders to arrive was a bit extensive, but in their defense we showed up during the lunch rush. When the food arrived I ravenously took my first bite. The burger was okay. It was a little too juicy. By the time I was finished there was a grease/juice puddle on my plate (ew) and the tomato was cold so it skewed the temperature of the beef. Not as good as Tuli's Atom Burger. I only use this comparison because Tuli and Thir13en are under the same ownership.

Restaurants are not perfect because they are ran by we, imperfect people. That's why I do not get upset if my meal does not come with a ribbon tied to it. I will give Restaurant Thir13en more chances because ownership is outstanding.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BLT Burger Las Vegas

In my leisure time, I made my way to Las Vegas. There was no way I was leaving the city without trying a new burger! Housed in the Mirage Hotel, BLT Burger has two other locations in New York and Hong Kong so I was very excited to eat at such an exclusive restaurant. The menu has some delicious (and unorthodox) options. I almost want to take a trip back to Vegas solely to dine at BLT. They were once featured on Martha Stewart making a burger with ground salmon. The Salmon Burger has been on my radar for a long time. Obviously too much red meat is bad. Although I love beef burgers, I am also curious about beef alternatives.

Before tasting the burger, I had the pre-concieved notion that it would be fishy. I was glad that I was wrong. I think it's the fact that the salmon was grounded it could pass so well as a beef alternative. This burger is extremely impressive and delicious.

"MMM! This is a tasty burger!!"