Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Honorary Burger!

Next Monday is Doug Mayes' birthday. We work together at CW31 and to celebrate, his wife invited a bunch of his friends to a suprise outing: River Cats baseball!

First of all I felt really special that she invited me. Secondly there is a peculiar concession available at Raley Field: The Dinger Dog! This thing is quite beasty. The dog is like ten inches or something and when I added the fixins (oh boy!!). When I bit into it the meat snapped like the really good hot dogs do. I was quite pleased.

I know a hot dog is not a burger, but I felt it necessary to make the Dinger Dog an honorary burger because of its level of beastiness! Don't worry people, there will be more burger fanaticism soon. I promise ;)

MMM! This IS a tasty... hot dog!

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