Monday, April 6, 2009

Carl's Jr Is On Fire!

Man, I gotta hand it to Carl's Jr. They're menu is unique and has classic selections as well as new crazes. The Six Dollar line of burgers has become more interesting by allowing any burger to be downsized to a single or double.

I finally got a taste of the Kentucky Bourbon Burger (the single). The bourbon sauce and the crispy onion straws transform what could have been a normal burger to what my uncle Pop would cook up on the barbeque grill. As I crunched into the onion straws the combonation of the bourbon sauce and bacon made for a savory beginning. I really like this one.

Now that there are eight burgers of the Six Dollar variety, Carl's Jr has a tempting selection of excitement and uniqueness. It seems I have a another reason to pull the 'Lac into the drive thru.

"MMM! This IS a tasty burger!!"

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  1. YAAY! youre keeping up with your blog! we need to get together so I can give you more fun secrets!