Monday, October 24, 2011

Formoli's Bistro

I've come to harbor high expectations for restaurants with the word "bistro" in their name. Formoli's Bistro is no exception. The dining room is a very nice open area but I wasn't there for ambience. I was told the Whiskey Burger is among the best in Sacramento. Obviously, I had to find out for myself.

Formoli's Whiskey Burger is pepper encrusted with a whiskey demi-glace (rich brown sauce), cheddar cheese, habanero aioli, and mixed greens on a ciabatta bun. Sounds fancy, huh? My first impression of the burger was "where's the whiskey?" A hit of whiskey flavor or a whiskey aftertaste was what I was looking for but apparently a whiskey demi-glace doesn't lend itself to have a strong whiskey flavor.

Unfortunately, my mind set as I was eating the Whiskey Burger was "is this better than Tuli's Atom Burger?" It isn't. It is delicious but plain. The quality of the meat is amazing like the Atom Burger but the Whiskey Burger has just a different fusion of flavors.

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